Saturday, 30 November 2013

Get the look: Lizzie's purple cocktail dress in Drop Dead Fred

One of my favourite films of all time has to be Drop Dead Fred. I grew up watching it and couldn't count the number of times I've seen it. This week, something in my emails jumped out at me. A purple, tule-draped purple dress from Amanda Wakeley. Beautiful, as you would expect, it reminded me of the dress that Lizzie wears to the fancy cocktail party in the film. I wonder if that's where they found the inspiration for the design. OK, probably not. But, wouldn't it be funny if Lizzie became an unlikely style icon, more than 20 years after the film was released! I've yet to see a designer example of Fred's green and yellow suit and shirt, but I'll be keeping an eye on the catwalks just in case.

The other thing that blew my mind about looking this film up again, is that the actress who plays Lizzie (Phoebe Cates) was born the same year as my mum! It's crazy how you forget that people from your favourite childhood movies actually age!

It's a shame she didn't have a longer acting career. Gremlins is probably the only other well-known film she appeared in. She also modelled from the age of 14 and has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Seventeen and others. Now, she's married to Kevin Kline and mother to their two children and owns her own little boutique called The Blue Tree in New York's Upper East Side. I wish I had gone there when I stayed in that area of NYC a couple of years ago.
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