Monday, 30 September 2013

The hunt for the perfect pair of boots

Duo riding boots
Every autumn I go looking for a new pair of boots. Even if last year's footwear still fits the bill, I don't feel like the new season has arrived until I've got some new knee-highs or ankle boots to call my own. But the search is not always a fruitful one straight away. For me, it can more time and dedication to the cause than it should, and that's because so many retailers still don't offer much for the curvier lady when it comes to knee-high boots.

I have a wider calf than shops would deem average and I also have shorter legs than many women, seeing as I'm only a couple of inches above 5ft. That's why I was so happy when I discovered Duo a couple of years ago. I've had a few pairs sent to me by the brand, but I've always been happy to recommend them anyway, especially to anyone who is struggling to find the pair that fits them perfectly. It's such a relief to walk into a Duo store and know that there is a pair inside that will fit.

This autumn/winter I opted for the Newton boots below, £195. They feature a quilted panel at the back but a smooth front, with a buckle detail at the side. I've worn these a fair few times now and they are wearing in really nicely, getting more comfortable each time I put them on. The low heel means they're perfect for everyday but teamed with a mini skirt or printed dress they look dressed up enough for post-work drinks.

Black quilted leather riding boots

It does bother me that more brands aren't trying to make buying boots easier for everyone, but I love the Duo concept and I'll go back again and again. There are a few other companies selling boots with calf fittings, but Duo do it without compromising on style, making sure they've got the trends completely covered. Look out for their jewel coloured suede boots and glam party shoes too.

It's also worth mentioning that M&S are championing new stretch zip technology which is a great idea and one that limits the need to have lots of different size variations in stock at once like Duo's concept. I haven't yet tried them on, but I'll be giving them a go next time I'm in store.

What's your biggest challenge when shopping for a new pair of boots? Do leave a comment below.
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