Thursday, 4 July 2013

What now for The Style PA?

Fashion Fringe catwalk show
There's been a lot of debate lately about blogging and how a blogger can be unique with an ever-expanding list of blogs to choose from. When I started blogging things were very different. My blog was less about my personal experiences and more about showcasing my favourite things alongside useful style and shopping tips. It was a refreshing change from magazines that had a bigger commercial agenda, and there were far less blogs to read. Along the way retailers and PR companies have been quick to offer incentives to feature their products and they've recognised the value of the individual blogger who can link through to their website and help them achieve their own goals. I've been to fashion weeks, I've hosted blogger masterclasses and I've been to fancy events.

But, I wanted to let my readers know that regardless of the partnerships that I've developed along the way, my blogs are still a place to showcase the things I love, and the things that I might be interested in reading about such as the new brands I've tried, handy hints I've discovered and product reviews.

But I want to get back to where I started and that was as a blog that offered useful style tips or could help you find what you were looking for. I want to be YOUR Style PA, so that means if you want my help with something I'll try my best to help. Got a question? Email and I will post answers to as many of your burning style questions as time allows.

In the meantime I'll be using my Twitter and Facebook accounts to share regular tips with my followers. And do feel free to share your tips with me.

Style Tips from June

  • Give your face some breathing space and go make-up free one day a week. I usually do this on Sundays - it keeps spots at bay.
  • Heavy night last night? Keep eye make-up fresh and wear a striking shade of lipstick. It will distract from tired eyes.
  • If you change your bag each day empty the contents into a little basket each evening to declutter and keep essentials to hand.
  • If you have a fringe that gets separated or a bit limp, a quick blow dry and some hairspray can help it stay put.
  • My top suitcase-packing technique is to roll up clothing in outfits. Less creasing and easy to locate each ready-to-wear look.
  • For nails a base coat will protect against staining and create a smooth surface. I love this one:
  • Want to show off a tan? Try coconut oil. This from Boots is £2.54 and makes legs look amazing
 What do you think of this approach? Are you looking for style tips or bespoke style advice?
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