Tuesday, 30 July 2013

3 ways to wear double denim now

Reading through my emails this week I stumbled upon an message from a new reader looking for some fresh ideas for wearing her denim.

I am in my twenties (or 30 next to be fair) and I very rarely venture out of jeans, blue, black, colour washes and patterned, I love my jeans (I champion 7 for all mankind currently), but... how do I wear 'double denim' and pull it off without looking like a wannabe cow girl or teenager? Thanks, Rachel.

Denim is a bit of a style saviour, but it's easy to get in a rut and look to it purely as a fail-safe, casual option. There are plenty more opportunities to work denim in though, whether for work, weekend or evening. I've suggested three different ways to wear double denim right now to give Rachel, and the rest of us, some style inspiration. How do you wear double denim and which of the below is your favourite look?

Style suggestions

Double Denim: Skinny & Slouchy

Double Denim: Light & Dark

Double Denim: Nude & Neon

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