Sunday, 30 June 2013

Is glitter too glitzy for the office?

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to the jobs I've had in that dress codes have been quite relaxed. In one workplace jeans were banned but anything else was fine and in my current role I can wear pretty much what I like. But there will always be certain things that instigate a debate. One such topic would be glitter, sparkle and sequins and this springs to mind this week because I've been wearing a new pair of high heels at work that I got from Sarenza...

Gold glitter high heel shoes
Ziggo by Georgia Rose - was £103, now £61.80

These shoe arrived and I was so smitten with them I put them straight on at work and they've been so very comfy too. I've had a few compliments on them already but no one has commented that they aren't perfectly suitable for the office. Actually, in our office I call Friday 'trophy jacket day' because that's when we all seem to break out the glitz. It makes sense as quite often Friday is the day when you'll have plans after work and who wants to start the weekend in humdrum workwear.

There are always going to be jobs where what you wear needs to be restricted, but if your dress code is pretty relaxed like mine then why not add some personality to your look. We spend a lot of time sat at our desks so we may as well feel fashionable and confident while we do it... life's too short for ugly shoes I say!

What do you reckon? Can you get away with glitter or sparkle at work?

*I am a Sarenza blog ambassador
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