Saturday, 8 June 2013

BEAUTY - Paperself False Lashes

Paperself false eyelashes 

It must have been over a year since I took home a pair of Paperself false eyelashes as a gift from a blogging event. I loved them, but I wasn't brave enough to give them a try for so long, after all, it's a bit of a statement look for Friday night at the pub. I got my chance to break them out last month though when I joined about 15 friends on a hen weekend down in Bognor... I know, classy right? As it turned out, the weekend was so much fun and the theme was '80s which meant an excuse for bright colours and out-there accessories.

Lashes on trial

My lashes, pictured above, are called Clown and cost £12.50, which I think is worth it. I don't usually get on well with false lashes as they tend to lift in the corners of my eyes. I've tried plenty of different brands and have just put it down to the shape of my eye. These ones, however, were easily applied and stuck fast. I wore them from around 6pm until 3am and they still looked as good all those hours later even if the rest of me was a bit worse for wear by then. I was also really surprised that they stuck so well after applying make-up. I was wearing a liberal layering of Models Own powder eye shadow in Mid Green (it's quite old so don't think they still do it) and with that and eyeliner the lashes still had 100% staying power.
In future I think I won't bother wasting time with other false eyelashes as these obviously suit me. I also like the way that fellow blogger Retro Chick cut her Paperself lashes and just applied to the corners of her eyes - a great way to get three applications for the price of one. I wasn't able to take the lashes off to re-use them, but that's not to say it's not a possibility if you're really careful. The next set I reckon I might buy are the Peonies lashes, which ones are you loving?

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