Sunday, 28 April 2013

FRAGRANCE - See By Chloé Review

See by chloe fragrance

I was recently sent a bottle of the new See By Chloé fragrance to try and have been spritzing it for the past week to give it a test-run. When it comes to fragrance I am pretty open to all types of scent. My favourites , though, do tend to be stronger, sexier scents and my least favourite are overly-floral, talc-like scents.

First impressions are good. The bottle reminds me of classic perfume bottle designs that would have adorned a glamorous starlet's dressing table. It's the multifaceted lines or 'glass pleats' down the bottle that give it this classic feel I think. The ring at the top almost makes the bottle look like a vintage birdcage, which I love.

Heaven scent

Now on to the scent. I'd definitely consider this a fragrance for everyday. It's soft, subtle and features bergamot, apple and jasmine. The jasmine is probably the scent that I picked up on most and it's really quite pleasant. When sprayed on the skin the fragrance seems to warm and develop, leaving me with a youthful, care-free sort of impression. All in all it's a great scent for day-to-day and one I would consider buying. I'd also consider the body lotion or shower gel to layer up the scent. It's got a comforting smell that would work just as well before bedtime as at the start of the day.

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Products available: 
Eau de parfum 30ml, 50ml, and 75ml
150ml body lotion
150ml shower gel
100ml deodorant. 

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