Sunday, 14 April 2013

ACCESSORIES - The Statement Necklace

My obsession with statement necklaces has been a long one and shows no sign of slowing down. I wear a lot of black and the best way to add interest is with something eye-catching like an oversized necklace. I've been collecting jewellery over the years and store all my necklaces on a piece of kit from a shop I worked at years ago. It means everything can hang separately which not only makes things easier to see and find, it means fewer tangles too.
Blue stone statement necklace 

The necklace above is from Forever 21. I saw an amazing blue necklace featured in Sunday Times Style but when I got into the store this one looked even better, and it was cheaper. Only around £10.Spending this little does mean you get the occasional stone that drops out, but I've worked out that when the backs are flat just a bit of Blu-Tack can do the trick to fix it. Saves on messing around with superglue (I usually manage to stick my fingers together rather than the broken pieces).
Multi stone coloured necklace 

The necklace in the pic of me above was a total bargain and I've worn it to death.It cost me 50p in a sample sale when I worked at Debenhams and the multi-coloured jewels were different to anything else I'd seen about at the time. It's served me well.I also wrapped it round my wrist a few times and wore it as a bracelet.

Collar style gold necklace 

The Peter Pan collar trend has been big over the last couple of years so I thought I'd try out a statement necklace in that style. This one is from Limited Collection at M&S and cost £15... I call it my Star Trek necklace. Especially because I used to wear it with a burgundy and black dress that reminded everyone of the sci-fi uniform. 

What's your statement necklace style?
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