Sunday, 31 March 2013

SHOES - Designer Style for Less from Clarks

Lanvin snake block heel sandals
I spotted these stunning sandals (above) a while back - they're by Lanvin and have a rather hefty £550 price tag. That's way more than I would ever spend on sandals, regardless of how pretty they are. So since then I'd been looking for a similar pair and I've managed to find some.

Behold the Sharna Balcony sandals from Clarks (available at Spartoo), below... 

Snake effect sandals with block heel

I ordered these beauties in a flash and when they arrived I was blown-away by just how comfortable they are. I expected the low heel to be pretty sturdy, but the cushioning in the heel is a real selling point. They feature 'Cushion Soft' which it's refreshing to know comes in more styles than just the functional flats! Alas, I've not actually been able to give them a proper trial run yet as the weather has been horrid, but at the first sign of sunshine these will be on my feet.

Have you got your eye on any sandals just yet or will you wait for some more optimistic looking weather?

Snake effect block heel sandals from Clarks Snake effect block heel sandals from Clarks

*I select and review shoes as part of an ongoing partnership with Spartoo shoes.

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