Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FITNESS - Sweaty Betty's The Fit Crowd

Sweaty Betty The Fit Crowd
Sweaty Betty got in touch a while back to ask me to be part of a special new collective - The Fit Crowd.

I am  a big fan of the gym, of exercise, and I love to feel the burn, but over the past year things have definitely slipped. I tore a calf muscle, badly, lost my confidence and gained a few pounds. Add to that the fact that the boyfriend and I have spent the best part of 6 months buying a flat which has eaten up so much of my free time. I could use all these excuses and more, but instead I've decided that now's the time to get right back on the wagon and getting inspired by the fabulous new fitness gear from Sweaty Betty's spring/summer collection is sure to make me work out harder. There was a sweat dress available from May which I've definitely got my eye on! That and some cool printed leggings.

Sweaty Betty spring summer lookbook

Getting fit again

Since moving in to the new flat a few weeks ago it's been full steam ahead. I've joined social network Fitocracy to track my progress and get motivation from fitness fanatics. You can follow me over here. The difference with this social network to others that I've tried is that there's a really supportive community and loads of exercise ideas which include weights and resistance. I hate the assumption that free-weights aren't for women because they can still be a great way to tone up and lose weight. If you don't want to track your every move and just want some helpful advice then the Sweaty Betty website has a great community section with videos and challenges, as well as a knowledge section for fitness advice. (oh and the playlists are pretty good too).

I've also set up my Wii as I can't resist a bit of Just Dance and the boyfriend's new Xbox comes with Kinect Sports (I'm getting awesome at Beach Volleyball) and NikePlus personal trainer. I've been really impressed with the fitness tests and drills that really get your heart going. It's like having a personal trainer there with you which is a great motivator.

I'm also heading to the local gym and pool to check out the facilities this week and even if I decide not to invest in a membership, a few swimming sessions will complement what I'm doing at home. Even little things like the heavy-incline walk home from my new closest train station and playing ping pong on our new full-size table in the backyard are all worthwhile. It's a little bit cold for it at the moment but come summer I can see it being an awesome way to spend the weekend, that and exploring Crystal Palace Park which is just a couple of minutes walk away. My sister and I did a 3.5 mile walk round the park on Sunday and there was a 10k run taking place... will that ever be me I wonder?

Finding my confidence

On the invitation from Sweaty Betty they had quoted me as saying 'Being comfortable in your own skin is a big part of being stylish', and although I'm not quite at my desired confidence level yet, hopefully Sweaty Betty will help me along and get me one step closer to my goal of looking and feeling great. Unfortunately I got hit down with the dreaded lurgy a couple of days before the launch event so I didn't get to try out the Barre class they'd organised. Has anyone else tried it? Looks great!

Check out the tag on Twitter - #TheFitCrowd - because there are lots of other bloggers getting involved. Also do check out Sweaty Betty's Facebook page for the latest competitions and free fitness classes.
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