Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ACCESSORIES - Bags From Kzeniya

Bags From Kzeniya

I've discovered a new handbag brand I wasn't aware of before, which is always a treat! On researching a bit more Kzeniya was founded a couple of years ago in 2010 by St Martin's College of Art and Design graduate Kzeniya Oudenot. Before this venture, the designer worked on costumes and set design for opera and ballet and has worked for Alexander McQueen too. I'm well behind, but I'm guessing not all my readers will have heard of the brand so it's always good to share - Alex Loves did a great piece a few months ago which is worth a read too.

Kzeniya bags make a statement. This season's styles mix smooth leather with shiny, coloured perspex for a stylish edge. I was instantly drawn to the futuristic shapes - they just feel a little bit different. That and the stunning photography - what do you think? Inspiration is from 'sculptural forms, geometry, architecture, folding and layering techniques and symmetric patterns found in nature'.

Celebrity Kzeniya fans

Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Elizabeth Banks, Anne Heche and Sarah Michelle Gellar have all been spotted carrying this arm candy. But at around £175 a pop, it might be just a little more than I'm, prepared to invest right now. I'll be keeping an eye out for future collections though, you never know when an unexpected bonus cheque could drop in your lap.

Blue graphic Bag From Kzeniya Gold and black graphic Bag From Kzeniya
Bold clutch Bag From Kzeniya

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