Tuesday, 15 January 2013

FASHION VS FUNCTION: Envelope Clutch Bags

The envelope clutch bag is sleek, chic and stylish... but if you’re anything like me, they aren’t always that practical. I find it very easy indeed to fill up a handbag. Even on a night out, once you’ve added a purse, phone, make-up, perfume, oyster card and keys, most evening bags will be bursting at the seams.


Cool colour-blocking is a great way to work the look as is luxurious leather with statement hardware. I’m also partial to snakeskin effect and I love my tangerine satin clutch that I bought last summer at M&S (although satin probably warrants its own Fashion Vs Function post now I think about it).


If you want this style of bag to look its best then you need to streamline what you take out with you. Take just the cards and cash you need from your purse and leave that at home, big keyrings are a no-no and when it comes to make-up just an eyeliner and lip gloss will have to do. If the idea of taking this little out with you scares you, then function loses and you need to find another style of arm candy.

Where do you stand? 'Yay' on the grounds of fashion or 'booo' on the grounds of function?
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