Sunday, 30 December 2012

SHOES - I Know You Got Sole

I love shoes but my challenge is always to find shoes that look great but are comfortable to wear too. Lately I've tried out some shoes with clever technology in their soles to help relieve pressure on the ball of the foot and to be honest, I think more footwear brands should be investing in this. M&S have offered a similar technology in their high heels for some time, but I don't think it should be just aimed at those who are older, or just for work shoes. Surely everyone would love for their heels to be more comfortable?

See a couple of the brands I've tried out below and let me know if you've spotted any other shoe brand offering something similar.

Tamaris ANTIshokk boots

Tamaris ANTIshokk boots
This patented technology used by Tamaris creates a soft cushioned effect for the balls of your feet, making the shoes super comfortable. As a comfort-seeker,  I've worn  the boots pictured above all day long and they definitely are more comfortable than other heeled boots I've got, even my ones from Clarks. I was actually pleasantly surprised when these arrived to find that the lining was fleecy soft too which is not only comfortable it's snuggly warm.They reminded me of the pair that Jennifer Lopez wears in her video for 'All I Have' with LL Cool J... now there's  blast from the past.

Leopard print flat pumps

Rockport with Adiprene 
Rockport are another brand who've put comfort at the top of the priority list. They've teamed up with adidas to offer a special sole cushioning providing extra support and comfort. It's all about energy rebound and shock absorption meaning you can wear them for longer before getting that aching feeling. But fashion credentials are also key, I tried the leopard pumps shown above which look fab. Unfortunately the fit was a little snug for me so I'm selling these on Ebay (if you're quick, ends 1st Jan).

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