Sunday, 23 December 2012

GIFTS - A Bright Smile is on my Wishlist

Have you converted to the electric toothbrush yet? I have been using mine for a couple of years now and can definitely recommend it. I was reminded about this for two reasons, one was breaking my tooth and having to go to the dentist recently. Unfortunately I have two baby teeth with no adult teeth to replace them so I have to be extra careful with them and my dentist has always recommended going electric.

Second was getting an email from the lovely bunch at Oral-B who launched a fab pink version of one of their toothbrush models. The Oral-B Limited Design Edition PC 600 sells at £49.99 but I've just spotted it on the Argos website for just £19.99... better than half price! A great gift to yourself if Santa doesn't measure up this Christmas.

Oral-B Limited Design Edition PC 600 pink limited edition

So with Christmas and New Year pretty much here, how will you make sure you've got your best smile in the photos? A leading dentist, Dr Uchenna, has a few tips for the festive season.

Top tips

Before any major events, "visit your hygienist for a diamond polish. There's a seal technology within the polish which helps keep stains at bay so your teeth will look great for the whole party season. Then, maintain whiteness with a toothpaste like Oral-B 3D White."

She also says that "using an electric toothbrush, like Oral-B, is the most effective way of removing plaque bacteria, so make sure you're using one!"

Plus, one last tip which I think is a great one is to take "floss with you to a party - it's small and compact so it won't take up much room in your handbag. There is nothing worse than looking back at gorgeous photos to see food in your teeth".
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