Tuesday, 18 September 2012

LFW - Backstage at JW Anderson for SS13


JW Anderson has had no shortage of column inches these past few weeks, and it's his Topshop collaboration that's hit the fashion headlines big time. In fact, I've got the lookbook on my desk right next to me. I saw countless people tweet about how they were going straight to their nearest store to stock up on the designer's more affordable range, plus the likes of Alexa Chung have already been spotted wearing it out and about at London Fashion Week.

I was keen to see the man-of-the-moment's mainline collection for myself, so when BRITA (a sponsor for the show) invited me along to the Topshop Showspace how could I refuse? The space itself was amazing - futuristic and with curved lines and bright white lights. It actually matched the collection perfectly. Anderson's explanation of the collection is that 'it centers around the idea of filling a white canvas which then becomes part of the garment. I have tried to combine extremely technical methods with a feeling of heritage.'

JW Anderson for SS13JW Anderson for SS13

JW Anderson for SS13JW Anderson for SS13

You could see how much effort had been spent on the technical merit of each garment which gave it a futuristic feel overall. Scrunched, metallic fabrics with extra layers on skirts that reminded me of beetle wings played into a wider metallics trend which was also seen at Burberry. The stiff, stark fabrics were styled with aviator jackets - demonstrating the heritage angle that Anderson mentioned and these sat alongside signature prints, moved forward for this season from AW12's paisley.

Anderson's secret to success

When asked about his secret to success, Anderson says: "Believe that it has already happened." That and a lot of hard work of course, he's been quoted as saying that the last 3 months have been hell! It also helps to be recognised by London's most stylish celebs and the powerhouse that is Topshop. Something tells me, we're only going to hear more and more from this talented designer. Look out for the menswear too, that's where I think this Anderson really has something special to offer.

Backstage at JW Anderson for SS13 Backstage at JW Anderson for SS13

JW Anderson and his models used their 'innovative' BRITA Fill&Go bottles backstage before the show. I've got one too and I'll be trying it out and reviewing on The Style PA at Home soon. A great idea for the desk I reckon.

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