Monday, 27 August 2012

STYLE - An Italian Wedding

This year's summer holiday wasn't just about lazing on the beach or sightseeing, this year my family and I went to Italy to attend the wedding of a student who stayed with us when she was a teen. My mum and her kept in touch via letter, and then Facebook, before we visited two years ago and were welcomed into their home as if we were family. The food her mother cooks is amazing and the people are so lovely we couldn't wait to visit again. Now I'm back home I want to plan my next trip.

I've included some snaps below. 

Italian wedding bouquet made of money, euro notes

A hen-night money bouquet.

pre-wedding Italian home-made food and snacks

Pre-wedding 'snacks'

Blue and white italian wedding dress

The bride's blue and white gown

What I wore on the day

Shell favours at the italian wedding


italian wedding lobster with garlic butter

Lobster... delicious!

italian wedding watermelon art

Watermelon art!

Italian villa setting for a wedding in the hills

The most beautiful villa setting

Italian wedding desserts

Just a few of the gorgeous desserts

Italian wedding ice cream cake

The wedding cake was an ice cream cake!

What's the best wedding you've ever been to?

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