Monday, 20 August 2012

FASHION - New Vila Confidence Campaign

There are loads of European brands that are making major headway in Britain as customers look for something a little different. VILA, a Danish brand, has recently launched a new campaign to help us get to know them a little better which is all about confidence and being true to who you are. Check out the video below...

The video is a great way of saying that we shouldn't be afraid to show what we've got, and if we trip... well, we'll just pick ourselves up and keep on going. Fashion is very much like that. I think that, far too often, women are scared to take a risk for fear of getting it wrong, when really it doesn't matter. I'd rather be brave and interesting, than get it spot-on every time.

For the team behind VILA, confidence as the focal point makes perfect sense. VILA designer Lene Viuff explains why the Confidence campaign is such a good fit for the brand:

“The VILA girl is adventurous and graceful. She loves to checkout the latest trends and can be very spontaneous when she
is on a shopping spree. However, she is not a fashion victim. 
She loves her freedom to choose what to wear and when to wear it. She has a refined taste in style and is in complete control over her own fashion moments.”

Check out a few more pics which give a snapshot of the styles available from the brand...

vila fashion white dress on the beach

short black dress from vila fashion

printed vila dress

white pussy bow blouse and skirt

What does confidence mean to you?

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