Monday, 2 July 2012

BEAUTY - You're Hot Then You're Cold

heating and cooling beauty products

Heating and cooling treatments for the face, hair and body are nothing new. Recently though, I decided to try two at once which was a rather invigorating experience. Label M's Peppermint Treatment aims to refresh and stimulate the scalp and increase blood supply to the hair follicle. I relaxed in the bath leaving the hair treatment to do its work and it really is cooling! At the same time I used Olay's Total Effects Cleansers self-heating skin exfoliator. I've had this for a little while but only used it a couple of times. It feels great on the skin, warming up as you rub it in. You simply add a little more water for the heat to continue. 

Personally this hot and cold routine was the perfect wake-me-up, particularly good if you've got a hangover and need to come out of the bath feeling fresh and ready for action. Have you tried heating or cooling treatments before? What do you think of them.
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