Tuesday, 19 June 2012

SHOPPING - On My June Wishlist

There's always so much temptation being a fashion blogger. For every item I buy, there's another being thrust in front of me to become the next coveted piece. Here are a few of my favourites from the past month or so...

Marni doctor bag
1. The Marni Doctor Bag
With all eyes on the Queen for the past couple of months, the ladylike handbag has definitely been pushed to the forefront. The best version I've seen from high-end designers for the coming season is the Marni Doctor Bag, available in a mix of finishes, colours and fabrics including suede and plaid. I'd take any of them!

Jil Sander Letterman Plaid Scarf

Part of the pre-fall collection, this scarf caught my eye mainly because it's got the letter 'J' on it and my name's Jenny - cute right? It's 100% wool and costs £182, alas perhaps a bit too much of an investment for me.

Flamingo Bird Dress
Sometimes we stop having fun with our clothes, and this dress is definitely a reminder to enjoy fashion. It's actually well within my budget too, available from Jennifer Lilly for just £25. The only problem is that high neckline which isn't particularly flattering for the fuller-busted among us. 

Lucas Hugh Performance Wear

From the AW12 collection available from September, this is exactly what I'd love to be able to wear to the gym. Shame I would need to hit the gym for three years before I had the body to carry it off. The print features 3D images of the New York's nocturnal skyline, by renowned aerial photographer Jason Hawkes.

Atsuko Kudo collar

Couture latex isn't exactly what I thought I would be putting on my wishlist, but the collars available   at Atsuko Kudo are so hot! Usually seen on celebrities and editorial features, this brand is definitely filling the Lady gaga niche, but what they do they do incredibly well. And in moderation, such as with accessories like the collar above, I definitely think it works in a more mainstream setting.  

What's on your wishlist this month?
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