Sunday, 17 June 2012

SHOES - 10 Facts About Havaianas

I'm told that Friday was national flip flop day (there's a day for everything now right?!) and if there's one brand that epitomises what flip flops are all about it's Brazilian Havaianas. This week also marked the brand's 50th birthday and I recently got an email with some very revealing facts about just how hugely popular these shoes are, it's quite remarkable. 

Here are 10 of the top facts below...
  • 94% of Brazilians own, or have in the past owned, a pair of Havaianas
  • In the 1980s, the Federal Government considered Havaianas a basic-goods basket item
  • The company has 18,255 employees
  • The main factory in Campina Grande, North East Brazil, manufactures over 206 million pairs per year
  • 190 million pairs of flip-flops were sold in 2011 - that's 6 a second
  • If a consumer wants to buy all Havaianas flip-flop models, print and colour combinations, available he/she would need to buy 454 pairs per year.
  • Since its birth, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times.
  • Each Portuguese owns 4 pairs of Havaianas on average.
  • Each Aussie owns 5 pairs of Havaianas on average.
  • Each Brazilian owns 25 pairs of Havaianas on average.
I actually don't own any myself, but one of my best friends swears by them - she already has four pairs, the same as the average person from Portugal. If you haven't yet sampled them either, here are some of my favourite Havaianas styles available over on Spartoo...

 Top in Orange for a splash of bright, citrus colour
Top Mix for a '90s-style neon edge
Spirit for effortless and simple styling

Post written in conjunction with Spartoo shoes.

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