Thursday, 14 June 2012

BEAUTY - Tried and Tested, June 2012

Pretty self explanatory... I get to try new products, or I buy new products and I write about the ones that interest me (and I hope, my readers)

No Concealer Concealer by Perricone MD

This concealer looks more like medicine than cosmetics, and in some ways it is. The ingredients are specifically selected to target dark circles and imperfections. The texture of the product is quite thick to give a good level of coverage, but it blends well. I was surprised that it wasn't too orange on my pale complexion. It can also be used as a primer for eye make-up and smooths out lines while targeting them with anti-ageing ingredients. I am just not sure I can stretch to £37 to keep purchasing it... I thought my £26 foundation was a big enough investment.

LCN 'Delicious Tango' lipstick

When I saw the picture of this lipstick I had to give it a try - it looked like a really bright tangerine colour, perfect for summer. When it arrived I was a little disappointed to find the gel didn't leave much colour. So instead of a bright lipstick, what I've got is a luxurious lip balm. Don't get me wrong, that's great too and the packaging is so chic and premium looking. It's also got a lovely light vanilla fragrance and it's a winner for summer and holidays where a more subtle look is ideal. It costs £11.45. I'm also wearing it in the picture above right.
Gillette razors
I can't really remember ever having anything but Gillette when it comes to razors, and this season I was sent some of the new ones from the brand to try. I've been using the ProSkin range, including a Moisture Rich razor and a Sensitive razor one too. Both are great, and when used in conjunction with with the shave gel from the same range it's seriously smooth! It's a nice change to have a fragrance-free one too, especially if you're already using a scented shower gel.

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect in Salsa Red
This handy product offers the best of both worlds. With a lip colour at each end there's a lighter and darker shade which can be worn alone or layered for a more dramatic effect. I loved the peachy red that I was sent to try as it felt lovely and summery.

Eucalyptus Single Bar Soap
One for the guys, this soap has a great fragrance and comes beautifully packaged in traditional style. I've been meaning to try out this out for ages but I'm not someone who usually uses soaps. However, I tried this and liked the texture and scent. The glycerin style means it doesn't go all mushy which is also a great selling point.

I am usually a pretty positive blogger and don't mention things that I don't like. However, when it comes to beauty products I really think other people's experiences and opinions matter so I'm sharing some of the products that haven't quite hit the mark for me recently.

Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent Mascara
In theory this sounded like a great idea, but in practice... not so much. The formula is too heavy and my eyelashes are weighed down and stick together while wearing it. I find the corner top lashes and bottom lashes are tacky and start to stick together. I also find that my eyelids become very itchy later on in the day after using it. Not for me.

Colourglide™ Lip Colour
I liked the colours I tried of these lipsticks but the texture was too dry and waxy to provide great colour and comfort of wearing. A revisit needed on the formula I reckon.

What have you tried out lately? Any hits or misses?

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