Sunday, 13 May 2012

HAIR - eXtreme'n easy Hair Colour

Nice'n Easy are known for natural looking hair colour, but they've recently launched a more vibrant collection of shades under the eXtreme'n easy label. As a teen, I had my hair pretty much every colour you can imagine, from bright red to plum, and even red with blonde streaks. There's definitely been a return to brighter or bolder hair colour choices over the past few years so this new range gives customers a chance to try more exciting shades but with the great quality hair dye that Nice'n Easy is renowned for.

I went to a blogger event to launch these new ranges and had a chance to hear from a scientist behind the colours and also a hair dresser who had used the new colour on a model who joined us on the evening. The colour really was vibrant, striking but also not too flat. Her hair had a super-shiny finish and amazing tone, for a second I almost wanted to go red again myself.

The new shades are:

  • Deep Violet 3RV 
  • Espresso Brown 4WN
  • Ruby Red 5RR 
  • Vivid Violet 5RV
  • Cherry Red 6RR 
  • Flame Red 7RR
  • Arctic Blonde - launching in June 2012

I did take away the Espresso Brown shade which I am looking forward to trying though. It's got a really nice, rich tone and should cover up those stray greys that are starting to creep in. I keep blaming stress but I think I need to face facts that I'm getting closer to thirty and I can't fight they greys forever.

Which colour would you go for? 
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