Wednesday, 25 April 2012

SHOES - New Brand Discovery... Zinda

I wasn't sure I'd ever find a shoe brand more comfortable to wear than Nine West. I have a pair of black, mid heel sandals which I can wear all day and all night without that horrid pain that us women have become used to dealing with.

I regularly review shoes from Spartoo and the latest pair I chose are from a brand called Zinda. I'd never heard of them before this week really, but they are priced around the £100 mark so you do expect quality. I try a lot of shoes though, and spending £100 doesn't always guarantee comfort, which is a shame but a harsh reality.

Zinda red high heel shoes with wooden heels

The red heeled sandals I chose from Zinda - called Bella - are so incredibly comfortable I thought it only fair that I share them with you. The inners are seam-free and don't rub at all, while the straps are thick so they don't cut in. There is plenty of cushioning on the whole of the shoe, rather than just small sections. Plus, I love the soles which have Zs and Ds all over them. I'll definitely be ordering from this brand again!

Zinda may not be that well known, but they've been around in some form or another since the '60s. The shoes are made in Spain and the style signature includes lots of colour, which I just love! What do you think?

Post written in conjunction with Spartoo shoes.
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