Sunday, 1 April 2012

SHOES - How Do You Store Yours?

When it comes to keeping your shoes neat, clean and protected, how do you do it? I must admit, I don't have any fancy solutions myself - I keep mine in the bottom of my wardrobes on a rack - but there are lots of clever ideas that other people use.

I recently chose some metallic orange sandals from Spartoo which came in the loveliest packaging. As is often the case with more expensive shoes, they came with a dust-bag. But this dust bag was so pretty I wanted to show it off. Check out the fabulous, floral print...

pretty design for shoe dust bagorange metallic sandals

The great thing about dust bags is that they are really handy for holidays too. You can pack your shoes inside them to protect them from other things in your case. The problem with using them at home however, is that you can't easily see the shoes inside them.

Other shoe storage options

  • Original boxes: The trick with the polaroids on the front is a great one, but you need a lot of space to stack all the boxes (or at least you do if you've got as many shoes as I have).
  • Perspex boxes: A great way to see the shoes inside but, again, you'll need a lot of space for storage.
  • Racks: I use vegetable racks to store my shoes. The three tier, rectangular ones are ideal for my size 4 shoes which fit quite neatly. You can also hang high heels on the edge when you start to run out of space.
  • Most important is to keep you shoes covered and away from dust which can make them grubby
Here are the shoes that came in that lovely dust bag pictured at the top of this post...

They're from a brand called Ash and this style comes in three colours, orange, black and gold. At £111, they aren't the cheapest sandals, but the quality is great and I know they'll last. I've had a recent obsession with orange shoes and these have satisfied the sandal-part of that obsession (I've also got recently got boots and flats too). See more sandals like these at Spartoo.

Post written in conjunction with Spartoo Shoes.
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