Sunday, 29 April 2012

SHOES - Duo Pumps First Outing

I like shoes, as any regular reader of my blog will know. And with every new pair of shoes comes the test-run, the first outing where you discover if they really are as comfortable as they look (or as uncomfortable as they look depending on the style of shoe). My latest pair of flats were offered to me by Duo, called Delta. They come in 4 fab colours but I opted for the orange snake print, suede peep-toes. The blue and the green ones were also tempting. The worst thing about these shoes is the weather has been so wet I've hardly been able to wear them. But I did take them for a test run coming home from work. They've been through Regents Park and along the canal to Camden and they fit beautifully.

The shoes come in three width fittings so you can measure your foot to work out which width will fit you best. I often struggle with pumps fitting wrong across my feet but these ones are really comfy. They cost £75 which is perhaps a little more than I would want to pay usually, but now I've tried them I can see they are still good value... just avoid the puddles. Suede and a rather rainy April aren't the best combination.

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