Sunday, 1 April 2012

CELEBRITY - 10 Reasons to Love Jessie J

 Jessie J performing in East London for vitaminwater

This week I got the chance to see Jessie J perform an intimate gig to launch the new vitaminwater flavour, i-create. Jessie J is the ambassador for the brand's Olympics sponsorship so she appeared at a special party held at Lounge Lover in Shoreditch. I thought I'd share 10 reasons why I think Jessie is totally awesome...

1. That voice: The first time I heard Jessie J's voice I knew she was special and seeing her live you get a real feel for just what she can do vocally. The range is amazing, her riffs are ridiculous and she can rap too. Enough said.

2. She's funny: During gigs, in interviews and on TV, Jessie's personality shines through. If she had her own show I'd watch it!

3. She's down to earth: I happened to be sitting near Jessie J at a GILES catwalk show at London Fashion Week. I overheard Jessie talking about how she felt out of her comfort zone. It reminded me that she's human too and gets self-conscious just like the rest of us, she's not a diva just yet.

4. Those outfits: when it comes to figure-hugging outfits, Jessie J has championed the look like no other. She flaunts her figure and she's not afraid to experiment. Colour, print, neon, she's done it all and I love her brave, bold sense of style.

5. She's a positive role model: I think Jessie understands that she has a lot of fans that look up to her and her career choices so far make her a great role model, plus, there are positive messages in her lyrics and encourages others to chase their dreams too.

6. Her energy: When you watch Jessie J perform you can't help but share in her energy and excitement. It's infectious and I always leave a gig with a big smile on my face.

7. She's worked hard for success: Some people don't realise how long Jessie J has been working in the industry. I saw her perform years ago in Battle, near my hometown of Hastings and she was supporting Girls Aloud. After that she went across to the USA to work with Justin Timberland and she wrote pop songs for other artists like Miley Cyrus too.

8. Her fab new job: Getting a coveted seat as a coach on new BBC TV show The Voice has elevated Jessie's star status even further. It's reinforced her position as an all-round musical talent, not just singer. Have you been watching? It's definitely growing on me. Plus, she's brand ambassador for vitaminwater's Olympics campaign which is just huge!

9. I've got hair envy: Jessie J's bob has been copied so much and every hair style she has makes a statement. From coloured dip-dyes to purple, glossy locks... Jessie's hair stands out!

10. She says what she feels: It doesn't matter if it's silly, childish or challenging, Jessie says what she feels. You only have to see her on The Voice to know that's true... all respect to her for that.

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