Sunday, 4 March 2012

HAIR - The Latest Looks at Lisa Shepherd

This week I was invited down to the Lisa Shepherd salon on Mortimer Street in London to get a closer look at this season's key hair looks and treatments. The salon was also celebrating its second birthday but despite being a fairly new salon, Jason and his team are in-the-know about the latest trends and how to make them commercial enough for women like me you and I. One of their signature looks is dip-dying, but not as you might know it already. What Jason has mastered is the art of blending the colour for a stunning look that can be as natural as you want. I had a similar look done a while back, read my undertoning post here.

I volunteered my friend Dee for a dip-dye this time and we were interested to see the results as she is already blonde. She sometimes gets highlights to give her locks a more sunkissed appearance but this was the first time she'd had this sort of colouring treatment. After a quick consultation with Jason, he set to work. The salon was the busiest I've ever seen it with lots of other bloggers getting a new 'do' too. Lisa Shepherd had opened their doors to a gaggle of hair-obsessed girls and it was 'all hands on deck'.

When Dee's colour had developed, it was rinsed out and the final look was revealed. It looked fab and she's suggested it would make a great alternative to highlights as you don't have to worry about getting the roots done so regularly. You get a similar effect, but without the harshness that highlights can sometimes have around the top of your head too. Some of the lightened parts were lighter than others, it was multi-tonal, just like her hair was to begin with.


Our pictures are above - you can't quite see the extent of the dip-dye in Dee's hair unfortunately, but take my word for it, it looks lovely. 

The team managed to also fit me in for a trim. My stylist Luke suggested a softer, more rounded cut to the front taking inspiration from Jennifer Aniston's bob that she showed off a few months back. I'm really pleased with it, I had total confidence in my hair stylist and totally trusted his ideas. Can't wait to go back and have my own dip-dye done and I'll definitely be stocking up on the volumising powder that he used in my hair. It's by Swascof and allows you to revive the volume throughout the day by simply working your fingers through it.

Need inspiration for your own hair this season? Take a look at the mane menu we were sent below...

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