Monday, 26 March 2012

EVENT - The Future Of Fashion Hits Westfield

The future of fashion

Tonight I got a sneak peek at some rather exciting digital gadgetry which is going to be set up at Westfield London from tomorrow for members of the public to play with. The Future Fashion event will showcase SS12 style, from fabulous Westfield brands, on a digital stage, but this digital experience is also a social one. Here's what you'll be able to get hands-on with...

  • 103’’ interactive screens to create your very own SS12 outfits and mood boards (as pictured below) featuring 500 fab fashion items at the touch of the screen which you can share and shop
  • Tweet mirrors - try a new look and share it with friends on Twitter
  • Social photo-booths where you can take pics and upload to Facebook
  • A 3D fashion show in a pop-up cinema with over 70 inspirational looks
When? Head on down to Westfield London from Tuesday 27 March - Sunday 1 April, and, for the first time, Westfield Stratford City is also getting in on the action from Wednesday 4 - Monday 9 April.  

digital screens for the future of fashion

Seeing as venues in East and West London are both hosting events, the organisers got us thinking about West London Vs East London style. Which camp are you in? I'm definitely West London... slightly more ladylike and less edgy than the micro-trend setters of the likes of Shoreditch, Hoxton and beyond. I ran out of time to create my own mood board tonight (I'll be back to try one out this week) but I've put my spin on the East/West style debate below via Polyvore, another way to create moodboards.

I was inspired by the lovely Melanie Rickey who gave us bloggers an informal presentation on SS12 trends  and where different looks fit best when it comes to the East/West divide. She made the very valid point that those who live West often can't be bothered to traipse all the way East and vice-versa, so we are influenced by those around us and the sorts of places we hang out. Melanie cuts through the fashion crap and can really pick out what works and what doesn't, which trends will stay on the runway and which trends will be in out  closet quicker than you can say 'We Are Fashion' (that's the hashtag for the event by the way, #wearefashion).

West London

East London

They've got loads of gorgeous brands on board, so if you're heading to the shops this week (or next) why not swing by one of London's Westfield shopping centres and get to grips with the Future of Fashion - it will put the 'fun' right back into your wardrobe.
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