Sunday, 26 February 2012

SHOES - February's Sarenza Shoe Haul

Sarenza shoe haul, Feb 2012

As I've mentioned before, as part of my Sarenza Ambassador status I get to try out new shoes each month and there's always that dilemma in choosing... go for one more expensive pair of two or three cheaper ones. This time round I decided more is more and opted for three pairs (a girl can never have too many). Well, I say that, but I have just had a clear-out because I only have the bottom of two small wardrobes to contain my shoes - space is at a premium.

Some of my older pairs are off to the jumble sale, a few of the ones which haven't been worn too much will be going on eBay (keep an eye out). I've spent the last hour trying on every pair of shoes in my wardrobe and asking myself  'do they fit well?', 'are they comfortable' and 'will I actually wear them'. Luckily I only had to let a few pairs go. I find shopping online for shoes so easy, it's the one thing that always fits and I rarely have to send something back. Anyway, read on for my three Sarenza picks for February...

Sarenza shoe haul, Feb 2012

1. Eden Brige shoes

I've seen so many people with lovely snake-effect court shoes that I just had to get myself a pair. The colour of these ones was spot-on, and easy to coordinate with other items in my wardrobe which is always a bonus. They are fairly comfy, I'm sure they'll be even better once they are properly worn in... I'll have to wear them to do the washing up. Find out about Eden shoes.

Sarenza shoe haul, Feb 2012

2. Bronx Regan shoes 

I love a chunky heel and I love the look of wooden heels, but in the past I've found them to be too hard on the balls of my feet. These lovely shoes, however, have cushioning to the sole instead of you standing straight on the wood. It's like a soft moleskin and very comfy to wear, I've tried them out at the office and I was able to keep them on all day - hurrah! More from Bronx.

Sarenza shoe haul, Feb 2012

3. Georgia Rose Messia (comes in loads of colours)

These were my Fashion Week favourites! As much as I love heels, it's just not practical to be running all over London wearing them. I'd be grumpy by lunchtime and ready to go home if I did, and that's just not on. This Oxblood shade in super-shine finish is something I've had in my mind for a while so when I saw them I knew they were for me. Plus, they are so incredibly comfortable to wear, very soft inside with no seams that rub or anything like that. A real gem of a pair! Which colour would you go for? See more from Georgia Rose.

I'll be featuring these in outfits as and when I can over on WIWT and here on the blog.

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