Wednesday, 22 February 2012

LFW - Prose AW12 Collection & Beauty Looks

For Prose, instead of a far-fetched story filled with abstract ideas which bear no resemblance to the collection, the designer explains that certain fabrics formed the starting point for her collection's concept. Before I saw the runway show I actually saw the clothes close up within the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition. I loved the delicate detail of the leather and 'curtain' tops, inspired by a shredded curtains. The colour palette of the collection was opulent in deep rich burgundy and navy, but it was the craftsmanship which stood out most. Loving the chunky shoes too! The only thing I might have done differently is the layering over stonewash denim - not for me. 

I really liked the mirror idea that was carried through on the show invitation and lookbook, with text that you could only read in a mirrored page... plus it meant we could sneakily check out make-up while waiting for the show!

Talking of make-up, the beauty look for the show was created using The Body Shop cosmetics and The Body Shop are also a sponsor of Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season proving that they can match up to some of the more well-known, catwalk make-up brands. With powerful brows and a berry lip, this is one make-up look that's really wearable and easy to emulate.

Head make-up artist, Lan Nguyen created the look, saying: “We concentrated on strong eyebrows, and berry stained lips with dewy skin as though they might have just stepped out of the shower. You know when you get out of the shower and your skin is wet and glowing, it looks juicy. You’re hot so your lips are red and the wetness gives your eyebrows texture. It also makes the look more androgynous, a contrast of masculine and feminine.”

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