Thursday, 19 January 2012

HAIR - What's New With Shampoo

Tousle Me Softly from Herbal Essences
The tousled look for hair is something we've probably all tried from time to time. It's a great style for holidays, to get the beachy look, plus it gives hair an effortless appeal... sometimes poker straightened hair is a little too stark and overdone. Herbal Essences have great fragrances too, and the new shampoo and conditioner range comes in nice big bottles that will last and last. I haven't tried mine yet, but I'll be giving it a go and will report back soon. There is also a styling range to help you achieve laid-back, tousled waves.

Head & Shoulders 'Fresher for Longer'

Head & Shoulders have been doing research into how long it takes us to lose that 'fresh feeling' in an average day. The results suggest that by 12.24 the fresh feeling is long gone. Personally I usually lose it even sooner, especially if I get the tube into work. My office also has a habit of heating up to furnace temperatures throughout the da,y which only causes me to feel more hot, bothered and grubby.

I was challenged recently to wash my hair with the Classic Clean shampoo and conditioner and change a few things in my routine to extend that fresh feeling further. With clean hair, spritzes of Ren facial mist, lemon tea, mints and a fresh and tasty lunch and fruit smoothie I can definitely say I felt the difference. Best was the icy cold smoothie in the afternoon when the office gets hottest. I sometimes wash my hair the night before work to save time, but paying attention to how I felt during the day has convinced me that it's worth getting up early to feel energised and refreshed, and clean smelling shampoo is definitely a factor in feeling ready to face the day too.

Aussie big bottles

Finally, Aussie shampoo is available in huge bottles that last ages! I've not even made a slight dent in the supplies I've got, I can't believe they didn't do it sooner. The ad campaign asks if 'my Aussie looks big in this" which of course it does. Great news for Aussie fans everywhere, including my mum who'll be stocking up, I've no doubt.
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