Sunday, 22 January 2012

FASHION - Fashion From The Fold

Back in November I went to a fab event for a fashion label called The Fold. I can't believe I am only writing about it now but the concept of the brand is just perfect for January. It's all about flattering dresses that give your working wardrobe a glam-over, and with January being the month for fresh starts what could be better. All the fabrics were beautiful with plenty of coverage to make the curvier girls among us feel confident. The detailing on almost all of the dresses highlights the waist and makes the most of a woman's figure making them super flattering. 

The price points are quite high, so it would suit those women who are expected to look very professional for their job, or anyone who appreciates quality over quantity when  it comes to their working wardrobe. I wore the black Astor dress, and posed for an illustration (Clara was very kind to me!) I love the other dresses too, especially those in navy with black leather panels and detailing. 

The Astor dress I wore for my sketch

Another couplr of faves, the Ledbury dress and Madison dress pictured above. 

Here are a few more pics from the event.

And finally, here I am posing for my sketch with the lovely (and very pretty) Clara Gomez... a really talented lady. 

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