Saturday, 28 January 2012

CAMPAIGN - Dr. Martens First And Forever

On Thursday evening I went along to the launch of Dr. Marten's new spring/summer campaign, shot by Gavin Watson, featuring the gorgeous Agyness Deyn and Ash Stymest (drummer, skateboarder and model). The concept is the idea of your first love, especially in relation to your first pair of Dr. Marten's boots, which for some people is a experience they'll always treasure. The brand has always been closely linked to the idea of personal style, identity and self-expression and the campaign builds on this heritage.

Heritage is an important word to touch on too, because over the past 50 years, Dr. Martens shoes have changed very little. What changed at the outset was the consumer. What started life as a practical boot for postmen and police officers, was soon adopted by subcultures, all taking the shoes and using them to express their own personal identity.

The campaign shots and new season advert really capture that 'first love' feeling. You spend every minute with each other, whether it's healthy to or not. More often than not, a first love is what teaches you about relationships, and teaches you about yourself. My own first love was a long and pretty dysfunctional relationship, but it's what got me where I am now. It's those steps we have to take to gain our own identity and when it comes to Dr. Martens, many of us look back fondly on a pair that helped us carve a new style identity for ourselves.

My first pair of Dr. Martens were given to me when I was about 12 years old. I went through a style phase where it was all about the chunkiest boots, worn with skinny jeans and a bomber jacket so I was handed them down from my auntie. I don't think I'd seen the look on anyone, I just saw the pieces and wanted to wear them together. At school, I stood out because I wasn't wearing what the other girls were, I even cut off my hair into a messy crop and dyed it plum. But as I've grown older my identity has changed, mainly because my body has too. I've learned to work with my figure, rather than just what I love, so my look gives way to the sensible side of me sometimes. That said, you never forget those first loves and they are key in making us who we are.

We were asked to submit a photo for the event on the theme of 'first love'. I chose to send in a pic of sparklers, showing that spark of passion you get first that can become a longer-lasting flame. There were some great entries. If you want to share your #FIRSTANDFORVER moment, there's a fab website compiling all the tweets and submissions too.

Take a look at the campaign shots below... they really remind me of where I grew up back in Hastings and I thought some looked to have been shot at Cooden beach.

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