Sunday, 22 January 2012

BEAUTY - The Beauty Agenteurs Blog

There’s a new blog in the blogosphere and I love it already. Two incognito beauty experts are sharing all the things they covet, the things that we'll soon all be coveting too, on a blog called The Beauty Agenteurs.

Expect lots of beautiful things from fashion, lifestyle and beauty, with news, tips and advice too. The women behind the blog say: "We created the blog because we wanted to share our passion for all things beauty and fashion. It was when we first saw Alberto Guardiani’s ‘lipstick’ heel shoes that our blog ‘the beauty agenteurs’ was born. This iconic image represents everything we love – shoes, lipsticks and a sense of humour. We salute you Alberto and thanks for inspiring us."

Follow the bloggers on Twitter @beautyagenteurs and on Facebook too.

Fellow bloggers might also be interested in future opportunities to become guest editors.

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