Sunday, 30 October 2011

SHOES - Warm and Cosy Footwear

Shorter days, colder weather... winter is definitely here now. So how can you keep warm and cosy while you are out and about during the winter months? Personally I've got 2 pairs of borg-lined boots and Hunter wellies in my kit. Read on for further tips...

For rainy days

When it's really wet, avoid the puddles or wear wellies. Wellington boots have come a long way the last couple of seasons and you are just as likely to see adults wearing them as you are to see kids splashing about in them. The best thing is that the styles have been updated too with a lot more feminine designs and pretty details. It's not just the khaki green fishing wellies that we have to choose from and if you can keep your feet dry that's the first step to keeping them warm too. 

For snowy days

At some point this winter we are bound to have snow, and when it does arrive it tends to bring the country to a standstill. Ensure you are still able to walk around by investing in a pair of cosy snow boots. The grip on the soles of these is sure to help you get about on the ice and in deep snow - so even if you can't get the car off the drive you can at least get about yourself. The also usually have a well insulated upper to keep you warm and dry.

For cold weather

If you don't have rain or snow to contend with, you'll probably still benefit from something nice and warm as we hit the height of winter. Go for a boot that has a borg lining for added warmth. My lined boots are so toasty I even have to make sure it's cold enough to wear them or they can keep me a little too cosy. Alternatively, faux fur is a huge trend right now and will be sure to keep you lovely and snug.

Plus, don't forget the socks

If you aren't ready to upgrade your winter boots but need some extra warmth then upgrade your socks instead. 

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