Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NEWS - Autumn Beauty Bits & Bobs

Nail polishes

What's new in nails...

I have to admit, most nail products I get reach me via a goody bag of sorts. I've notice lots of berry shades from rich pinks to burgundy and also marine greens. Here are a few that I've tried lately...

The Saturdays for Fashionista cosmetics, Magnetism nail lacquer in All Fired up Red (1) and Ego Green (4). This nail polish reacts to a magnet to create an interesting wave effect which almost looks holographic. The nail varnishes also have a metallic look to them and come in 5 shades. The look is pretty cool, the quality is just average. (Do check out the custom cosmetic palettes from Fashionista though, they're amazing!)

Zoya nail polish in Marina (2). Zoya nail polishes are natural which is an extra selling point. The colour I tried went on evenly and had a subtle shimmer to it. Thumbs up from me!

O.P.I nail lacquer in Can You Tapas This? (5) and Dim Sum Plum (3). Both these colours are perfect for AW11 as they are on-trend berry hues. I can't really fault O.P.I nail varnishes as they are good quality and come in a fab array of shades.

I asked my Twitter followers if they tended to change nail colours to darker shades for Autumn/Winter, the verdict was mixed:

  • Sara_lola92 said: "I tend to switch to darker nail colours for A/W but I stick to corally reds for my lips all year round"
  • Lauraappleyard said: "I like to have bright nails to make me forget the winter weather!"
  • Iflorrie said: "My nail colour choices are somewhat random all year round!"

Pond's Cleansing Softening Cream

All I could think of when I got info through for Pond's Cold Cream was Mad Men, where the ad agency are tasked with finding out what it is that women want their beauty products to do. Back in the episode's setting of the 1960s it was concluded that 'getting a husband' was what Pond's needed to help a woman do. Now however, I think us gals just want to look good, feel good and look after our skin.

Value is another big consideration, and Pond's suggest that their cold cream cleanser can replace several products in your beauty drawer. So I tried out their suggestions:
  • A Cleanser - This is definitely what it does best, it seems to lift dirt, grime and make-up away from the skin so it's easy to wipe off and the skin feels nice and fresh afterwards
  • An eye make-up remover - although quite heavily fragranced, it feels gentle on the eyes and is effective at removing make-up
  • A face mask - skin feels amazing after you've left the cream on for a while
  • A hand cream - lovely rich texture but perhaps a little greasy for a hand cream. 
All in all I have to say it's worth keeping close at hand. It suits all skin types, costs just £3.99 and can be used for lots of essential beauty tasks, even if you only dip into it as other products run out. Word has it even Kylie's a fan. Bargain!

Beauty sample boxes

I recently got asked to try our a beauty box from Boudoir Prive. Essentially, this seems to be a new trend where you pay a monthly fee for a box of surprise beauty samples - sometimes these are even full size products. Glossy Box is another brand which offers the service. Is this something I can see me spending my hard earned cash on though? Probably not to be honest.

Out of the whole box there were two full sized products but even then there is no guarantee that they are going to be for you. If you are paying to get samples of very premium products which you couldn't otherwise afford to try then I reckon there's a market for, otherwise I wonder if this idea has really got legs...

Let me know what you think. Would you use it even though you don't know what you'll get or is that half the fun?

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