Sunday, 2 October 2011

LFW - John Rocha's SS12 Collection

John Rocha SS12 collection

I am still catching up with my Fashion Week posts and had to give the John Rocha collection a mention. The palette was once again filled with black, cream and white but what was simple in colour was entirely more complicated in form. The thinking behind the collection is a contrast of the fragile and bold, the wild and gentle and I think that definitely comes through. 

The collection included such interesting constructions of texture, something that John Rocha has become renowned for. The fabrics chosen are quite delicate, but they are built up to such a level that they become heavier and stronger. The headpieces reinforced that 'wild' feel with some resembling antlers, yet others were more like halos which added to the contrasting ideas mentioned above. 

This piece was probably my favourite with its layers and layers of overlapping black fabric.

John Rocha SS12 collection

An example of the dramatic headpieces... 

John Rocha SS12 collection

Unfortunately my pictures aren't that great so you'll have to pop over to the London Fashion Week website to see all the shots. 

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