Monday, 12 September 2011

FRAGRANCE - Navigations Through Scent by Molton Brown

Last week I went along to an event to launch the brand new fine fragrance collection from Molton Brown. The brand are known, of course, for their bath and body ranges which all have fabulous scents... which makes this new collection long overdue in my opinion.

It's been several years in the making as they arrived on the perfect concept for a fragrance collection that could grow over time. They chose to focus on the association of scent with particular places which is such a great idea, just think of a perfume or smell that reminds you of a holiday - I think we all have those memorable scents. But the places have been chosen because they represent the birth of fragrance too - Egypt, China and Indonesia for example. Places that have been associated at some time with the spice trail, an essential part of fragrance creation over the years.

My favourite of the 5 available fragrances is Apuldre (pronounced Appledore). It's actually a town very close to Tenterden which I used to visit lots when I lived back in Hastings. When I put it on I get that fresh, spa feeling - it's light, spring-like and very British. There are top notes of juniper berries and wormwood, middle notes of ceder wood and violet leaf absolute, and base notes of leather. It's like a beautiful summer's day in the countryside.

Other fragrances in the collection include Singosari - inspired by Indonesia - which reminds me of Fahrenheit for men by Dior. It's spicy with notes of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. But the fragrances are unisex and although some feel more feminine or masculine, all can be worn by either sex. The design of the bottle reflects that too. It had to be something that a man or woman would love to have on their dressing table or in their bathroom cabinet.

There are lots of lovely touches such as the coordinates of each location being printed on a label on the bottle. At the event, it was great to hear from the women who came up with the concept for the scents and also brought the fragrances to life. If my nose worked as well as it should do it's a job I would just love!

Choose your own adventure at Molton Brown's website

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