Sunday, 7 August 2011

REVIEW - Fat Girl Slim 4 Step Treatment

On hearing about the latest treatment from Bliss to tone, firm and reduce cellulite I was keen to give it a go. So the PR company sent me the new Fat Girl Slim kit to put through its paces. I'm no Slim Jim and although I've lost 9lbs on Weight Watchers over the past couple of months there's always room for a boost to my body confidence. Here's what I thought of the treatment kit...

Step 1: Scrub
First up it's recommended you use the Fat Girl Scrub in the shower (or bath in my case). The scrub itself it fairly coarse, enough that you feel it working which I like. The texture is of quite a thick paste, not a cream, and I usually find that non-creamy of scrubs work better. The fragrance is lovely and afterwards you feel a minty, tingling sensation. Ingredients include Himalayan Pink Salt and red algae extract which are said to stimulate circulation.

Step 2: Stimulate
As part of the pack you get the Fat Girl Stimulator. This circular plastic contraption is covered in raised nodules and you use it to massage your problem areas. They say to do it vigourously, so I did. Definitely gets the blood flowing although I struggled to find the time to do it both morning and night.

Step 3: Firm
The firming cream from the set is thick and luxurious feeling. Even without toning properties it feels like a lovely moisturiser. The ingredient doing the work here is caffeine and I found this cream to be best for the morning as its only lightly fragranced.

Step 4: Slenderizzze
At bed time it's recommended you use the final part of the package, the Fat Girl Sleep cream. I spent 20-30 seconds massageing this into my thighs and bottom as is instructed. I loved this product most out of them all because the lavender fragrance is scrumptious. Lavender is known to aid sleep, so it's the perfect scent for a night time product, this one is said to work for up to 6 hours. That seems a little steep a claim, but you definitely notices a smoothness and tighter feeling after using this and the firming cream above.

All in all I would definitely use this set moving forward. When you use it regularly you can really feel the difference. My main issue is that it's quite an intensive routine to keep up and I find myself skipping steps almost every day. If only there were a truely simple way to get fitter more fabulous legs. For now, this is the closest I've found to a simple solution.
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