Tuesday, 16 August 2011

FRAGRANCE - What Makes a Classic?

I was recently invited to an event hosted by Hugo Boss fragrances to uncover what it means to be 'a classic' in the fragrance world. New fragrances are released all the time, limited editions, celebrity scents... but what about those fragrances that last the test of time. There are a few obvious ones for women, many Chanel fragrances would fit the bill in my opinion, but a classic doesn't have to have been around forever.

So what makes a classic fragrance?

Hugo Boss conducted a survey about what it takes to become a classic and people mentioned lots of different factors. Some key factors they suggested were; popularity, sales, consistent performance, awards and a memorable advertising campaign. Hugo Boss has two men's fragrances in the collection that definitely fit the bill in gaining classic status.

Hugo Man - that's the one with the army flask style bottle that was launched in the mid 1990s. One bottle is sold every 10 seconds. We've all probably had a boyfriend or friend who's worn it at some point and it's pretty iconic in scent and style. Eye candy Jared Leto is now the face of a spin-off fragrance, Hugo Just Different, wouldn't you agree he's hot, hot, hot!

Boss Bottled - the first vanilla-based fragrance for men, it was launched in the late 1990s and one bottle is sold every 8 seconds. Another gorgeous Hollywood star is the face of this fragrance too... Ryan Reynolds. So if you've ever been stuck on gift ideas for a man in your life, just think, all the shoppers picking up these fragrances can't be wrong - Boss Bottled has been in the top 10 men's fragrances for 13 years.

What have Hugo Boss got for the girls, any classics?

Well, not just yet but they think they've definitely got a future classic up their sleeves. Boss Orange has top notes of sweet apples which develop into orange blossom, vanilla and sandalwood. It's very easy to wear and is essentially a daytime scent that suits most people. The face of the fragrance, Sienna Miller, encapsulates what the Boss Orange brand is all about... a free spirit, charismatic and light-hearted. It's these elements that make the fragrance a young and playful  one, great for teens or those - like me - who are in their late twenties but still act like a teenager.

Fragrance trends...

I got the opportunity recently to meet the super-knowledgable Will Andrews, part of the fragrance creation team behind Hugo Boss scents. He chatted about trends in fragrance and how new trends develop. He demonstrated how the decade preceding the one you are in is likely to have had a massive impact on what sort of scents come out. He predicts a shift from clean smelling fragrances to more animalistic, earthy ones in future and also discussed how the smoking ban has changed our memories of nights out. Instead of smoke on our clothes, we smell our fragrance (if it lasts) or more likely, we smell ourselves - sweat and natural odours in fact. It might not sound that nice, but we'll probably find ourselves gravitating to those more animalistic smells in fragrance because they remind us of a great night out. It makes sense if you think about it.

Do you have another Hugo Boss fragrance that you used to wear, Hugo Deep Red perhaps? What is your true-classic fragrance that, no matter the age, you can go back to again and again?
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