Sunday, 14 August 2011

ACCESSORIES - Thanking the 1970s for the Hats

Floppy hat from Yogo Ego

I've been eyeing up those fabulous floppy hats since I saw them on the catwalks of Prada. Kate Moss has been spotted in this style and it was practically Jennifer Lopez's trademark peice for a while. The one I'm wearing is from Yogo Ego (a bargain at £12) and also comes in another white which is great for the beach.

I love the corsage detail and have worked other berry shades in too like the burgundy glasses from London Retro and raspberry coloured lipgloss. The flower corsage is removable though and can be worn as a brooch or added to a bag for a unique touch.

How to wear the wide brim, floppy hat... 
  • Avoid J-Lo's scraped back hair look when wearing this style of hat. your hair should be loose and care-free to match the hat. 
  •  If yours has a corsage detail like mine, then try and pick out the colour and tie it in with your outfit somehow, whether that's in your lipstick or a floral print on your dress.
  • If you want to wear it as a sun hat rather than a fashion accessory then a paler colour is going to reflect the heat better than black. 
  • If you aren't used to wearing hats then this style can feel quite overpowering, to work out whether it's for you simply wear about the house for a day and catch your reflection in mirrors. If it hasn't grown on you by the end of the day then it might not be for you. 
  • For the full celeb-glamour look, throw on an oversized pair of shades - instant cool! 
Floppy hat from Yogo Ego
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