Saturday, 13 August 2011

ACCESSORIES - The Kayla Clutch by Case-Mate

Casemate's Kayla Clutch

When I met the team from Case-Mate to find out more about their phone cases and accessories there was one product that really stood out. In fact, all the bloggers who were there got just as excited as I did. The Kayla clutch is a colour block purse with wrist strap, key fob and room for your phone. The little pocket in the back is great for an Oyster card too. There's even a little elasticated loop for a lipstick or lip gloss inside. They've really tried to make it as useful as possible, but without any compromise on style.

I've been using it all week, it means that if you are only popping out you don't need a bag and won't end up with horrid bulging pockets. The colour I've got is canvas with olive green but it also comes in a fab poppy shade, a bright blue and mixed leather styles too. Inspired by the catwalks, this finally proves that brands other than the design houses can make stylish phone accessories. I might even add a longer chain handle to it for nights out as it's got two handy metal rings at each side. The only downside is that there isn't much room for coins, but it's quite liberating to streamline things and just carry what you need.

You can buy the Kayla clutch at Amazon or but it isn't the cheapest accessory. Coming in at over £40, you'll have to think of it as a handbag or designer purse to justify the expenditure.

Casemate's Kayla Clutch
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