Thursday, 21 July 2011

VIDEO - Daisy Lowe Answers my Beauty Questions


Remember the launch for the Braun Dual Epilator that I went to recently (read about it here)? Well Daisy Lowe who hosted the event was lovely enough to answer a few of my beauty questions in the video above. If you want to find out what she packs for travelling on a plane, what her fave make-up must-have is and what tips she's picked up from modelling shoots then watch away.

Daisy has hit the healines over the last couple of weeks after  reportedly being asked to pose for Playboy magazine and all I can say is, you don't get that cover without having fabulous legs (among other things). According to the MTV website, Daisy says of posing nude: "It was quite freeing, being able to be naked for a week… The only reason I ever 'do' sexy is because I like to encourage women to feel sexy about themselves." What's sexiest about Daisy is that she's actually a bit of a natural beauty. She isn't always caked in make-up, she just knows how to look effortlessly pretty and stylish.

If you want to know more about the epilator then check out Frankie's review of the epilator or my review of an earlier epilator model. Plus, I noticed that Braun have a promo feature in Grazia this week and I saw myself in the picture! Although in typical aloof fashion I am not looking towards the camera taking the pictures but down at my own camera. A blogger till the end right!
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