Sunday, 24 July 2011

STYLE - Jacques Townhouse Sneak Peek

I was invited along to take a look at the Jacques Townhouse in London on its opening afternoon and I fell in love with the House and the people. The lovely gent on the front desk was perfectly in character and showering me with compliments (always welcome) and I was then escorted to the bar by a lovely young man (again, always welcome). On getting a nice cold Orchard fruits Jacques - that's peach and pear flavour deliciousness if you don't know - I headed off to get my hair done and then toured the house. Fellow blogger and talented jewellery maker/stylist Frankie Murray was on hand in the wardrobe room to prepare me for my close-up with a noted photographer... and here it is - what do you think?

Some people headed straight in for the skimpy stuff, like stage outfits of ex-Sugababe Keisha, but I went more for a Miss Marple look. Granny chic for the win! It's all a bit of good fun and you can see lots more dressed-up lovelies over at the Jacques Facebook page. Obviously the fashion and beauty stuff was amazing, but I got slightly distracted by how awesome the locatuion Chandos House was - definitely my dream home.

Here are some more of the pics I took while wandering around...

Jacques Townhouse in London
Jacques Townhouse in London
Jacques Townhouse in London
Jacques Townhouse in London

If you love the location as much as I do, then check out my blog post on Chandos House.

And, If you're a fruit cider fan then I definitely recommend the Orchard Fruits flavour of Jacques. Everyone at the opening party later in the evening seemed to be drinking it with heaps of ice. The Lady of the House Keisha is embarking on her first solo album since leaving the Sugababes and we were treated to a few exclusive tracks from the new record. I was really impressed with her voice, at least one of the new tracks sounded like a hit and best of all was her 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' cover with Beyonce's 'Girls' sandwiched in the middle of it. Very cool indeed.

She looked amazing in white, high-waisted shorts and statement jewellery. The pics I took are terrible so will try and borrow some from somone else. In the meantime, here she is in a recent shot looking rather lovely...

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