Monday, 18 July 2011

SHOPPING - On My July Wishlist

I wasn't first in line for the iPad, but then I've never been huge on Apple products. It makes new launches that aim to rival them really interesting for me. On 15 July, the HP Touchpad went on sale. The new tablet costs £399 for a WiFi 16gb version or £479 for the WiFi32gb tablet. The touchpad is said to make switching between apps seamless without losing your place, there's a Beats Audio sound system and full Flash support too. With the new WebOS launching at the same time there are some great partners already on board including The Guardian, LastFM, Warner Bros and Sky News. I'm intrigued to see what the pick-up is... and yes, I want one!

With this horrid weather we've been having, I've been looking back at designer AW11 collections and dreaming of wearing them now. One such designer is Eun Jeong whose coats with clever cuts and striking details make it on to my wishlist. I also love those maxi skirts that make a floor-sweeping statement. If summer is undecided about ever making its appearance then at least we've got new Autumn fashion to look forward to.

I was once an earring junkie. I had hundreds of pairs and couldn't leave the house withoutn them. Now, my collection is a little more modest and I'm quite partial to a pair of simple studs. These studs from Orit, designed by Efrat, come in silver with 38 diamonds. We all like diamonds right? At £270 though they're a little out of my budget right now. I do love the hand-made look to them though.

The sheer number of lingerie brands out there astonishes me. It's a neverending list of brands but now and then something stands out. I saw Miss Mandalay at a press day a while back and loved the styles. It's really feminine and not just the same as what you've already seen elsewhere. That said, it's still pretty mainstream in it style which makes it easy to wear. I love the ruffles on the Gigi set pictured - definitely a set for showing off.

I don't think I even need a reason for these being on my shopping list, I just blooming love them. I love the shape and I love the shimmer. I'm also quite partial to the discount - £965 reduced to £289. They may not be the most conventional of bridal shoes, but I reckon that's what they'd be great for, plus after spending out on them you'd definitely wear them again and again.

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