Sunday, 10 July 2011

SHOES – Have I Finally Found Uggs I Like?

Ugg flip flops

I’ve always been pretty vocal about my Ugg boot indifference. Just seeing the way people wear them down and get them all wet and soggy in the rain has been enough to put me off. However, Kiki's boutique recently offered to send me a pair to try, but these weren’t boots. Nope, these are flip flops instead!

Being an Australian company, flip flops makes a lot more sense to me. I half expected them to arrive covered in sheepskin, and while you can get some with a soft and fluffy lining, the ones I tried looked as if they could have been from a surf brand like Roxy or Animal. The print is really pretty but best of all they are lovely and comfortable.

Ugg flip flops
Ugg flip flops

They are really soft on your feet and the toe post is comfortable to wear - this can be the biggest hit-or-miss point with many flip flops. They’ve got the UGGs logo on there but they aren’t overly shouting about the brand. Are they good value for money? Well, considering the comfort factor I’d say the price isn’t too far off at £30 although it's more than I've paid for foam style flip flops in the past. Next time someone asks me if I like Uggs I will reply by saying not Ugg boots, but I’m pretty sold on the flips flops.

Kiki's boutique has two stores, one in the centre of Christchurch in Dorset and another in Lymington in the New Forest. Their website contains a well-edited selection of women's fashion and accessories plus there are some cute gifts too - I've got my eye on the vintage inspired alarm clock. I have been to Christchurch once before, it's soooo pretty! I visited the castle, market and church there on my way to a holiday in Dorset - if ever you're passing be sure to stop by.

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