Sunday, 10 July 2011

SHOES –A capsule shoe wardrobe

When I recently told some colleagues how many pairs of shoes I own they were quite taken aback. I love having a different pair to go with different types of outfits but I appreciate that people get by perfectly well with just a capsule shoe wardrobe that can be adaptable for plenty of occasions. Here I’ve gone through what my essentials would be if I were forced to strip things right back…

  • Black court shoes
  • A pair of tan/natural sandals
  • A pair of plain coloured pumps
  • Some glitzy high heels
  • Wellies
  • A pair of black or brown boots
  • Trainers
  • Some flip flops
The key to making a restricted shoe wardrobe work is matching accessories. So for your black courts make sure you have a black work bag to match. For the glitzy heels you’ll need a similar clutch bag and for the sandals it’s great to have a belt and satchel in the same colour. This is the savvy way to make something work in your wardrobe and I could probably do with taking some of my own advice in this area. I tend to get excited by the prospect of shopping and having anything new to wear so I don’t always think how well it will work with what I’ve already got.

So could you get by on 8 pairs of shoes for summer and winter? Many guys I know would struggle to get to 10 even if they tried, simply because they make what they’ve got work with everything they wear rather than  every time there’s a new event to go to, thinking that they’ll have to run out and buy some new shoes to go with that new outfit.

I think that now my shoe wardrobe has reached its peak but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop getting new shoes. It instead means that when I do buy new shoes it will be to replace a pair I already love but that are too tatty or damaged. I just guess my capsule wardrobe isn't so capsule after all...

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