Wednesday, 13 July 2011

NEWS - Fabulous Magazine Moves to Saturday's Sun

I'm not going to try and go too much into the News of the World scandal, but there's no doubt the worrying extent of the hacking allegations are shocking and will hit the world of journalism hard. I'm certain that other papers are sitting scared at the moment praying their own indiscretions are not revealed. Considering the News of the World took it upon themselves to break stories of scandal it's quite ironic that we are now hearing all about theirs. I really hope that it means we'll end up with a better quality of newspaper moving forward, while still retaining free speech.

After the news broke I had a bad dream about having gone to the Fabulous magazine blogger event recently and in my dream readers boycotted my blog because of my involvement. Funny how issues like this manage to crop up in dreams isn't it? I can't say as I've ever been a fan of that sort of newspaper really but the readership is pretty staggering - surely The Sun will also take a dive due to all the controversy?

Anyway, I thought I'd mention that Fabulous Magazine is staying and I have to admit I'm relieved for those who work on the magazine if this means they get to keep their jobs. Having met and dealt with quite a few people from the magazine over the past few months I've had nothing but good experiences with them, they're a lovely bunch.

I'd love to hear your thoughts though. Has the Sun's reputation fallen by association? Will you still flick through Fabulous Magazine if there's one lying about? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below.
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