Monday, 25 July 2011

MAKE-UP - MeMeMe Cosmetics

MeMeMe Cosmetics invited me along to a preview of some of their new ranges at the Hempel Hotel recently and I was impressed with what I saw. The whole range has been rebranded and the packaging is really nice. There are some hot products coming up too. I've since had a chance to try out some of the products so I thought I'd run through a few of my favourites. Not all of them are available now but they will be soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Me Me Me cosmetics event

1. Seventh Heaven enriched moisturising facebase

I am a fairly recent convert to primers, but this one is by far the best I've tried and that's mainly down to the texture and smell. The pot is totally luxurious and so is the rich formula of the cream which goes on thick and melts into the skin. Best of all though, slathering this on in the morning is a wake-up call as its scented with fresh smelling orange. It gives skin a smooth finish and provides a good base for applying make-up. Seventh Heaven is available now in Superdrug.

Me Me Me cosmetics event

2. Shimmer stack

The range has been benchmarked against much higher-priced cosmetic brands and it definitely shows. The shimmer stacks are great because you can sweep a large brush over the palette for a bronzed or peachy glow (depending on the colour you go for) but you can also just pick out the white section to use as a highlighter - which means less items to cart around in your make-up bag. Shimmer stacks are available now in Superdrug.

3. Satin Lip Cream - £8.50

The lipsticks are great and so incredibly moisturising. The lips feel hydrated while you're wearing it although beware how soft they are - mine got a bit warm in my bag and I nearly snapped a big chunk off. Another stand-out point is that the lipsticks are vanilla fragranced.It's quite a nice change. There's a good mix of colours so I'll definitely be back for more. Satin lip cream is available now.

Me Me Me cosmetics event

4. Eye shadow trio

These colours turned out to be so apt for me as I recently got a new blue and yellow dress and another dress which almost perfectly matched the teal colour. The shadow goes on well and blends with other colours easily if that's how you choose to wear it. Again, having the 3-in-one is handy because it saves space. Trios are available now.

5. Nail polishes

I wasn't so keen on the nail colours available at present but hopefully there'll be more coming soon that I like. The actual polish comes in a bottle with a wide brush designed to make it easier to paint each nail although I don't know if I am entirely convinced. Let me know if you've found a great colour...

Plus... check out the lip gloss with a light-up lid and mirror for when you're out on the tiles.

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