Wednesday, 13 July 2011

BEAUTY – Lash Perfect Lash Bar Review

I’m always grateful to find a new hair or beauty salon on work’s doorstep. It makes those lunchtime or post-work appointments so easy to fit in to my daily routine. That’s why I jumped at the chance to go and try out the Lash Perfect Lash Bar just off Carnaby Street. It’s not just lashes they do, but lashes, brows and make-up as well as selling all the essentials for that specialist beauty area.

I went in to give the corner flick semi-permanent lashes a try. Having tried lash extensions once before I was very impressed with the effect and was looking to give them another go soon anyway.

Lash Perfect Lash Bar corners

The therapist gave me the C-curl lashes which have a strong curl which really opens up the eyes. The process takes a little while but isn’t uncomfortable at all. You lie back and just let someone with a very steady hand set to work on beautifying you. There’s a consultation before anything is started too to make sure you’re given the right type of lashes that will give the effect you are looking for. I wanted something that was noticeable (but not from right across the room).

The salon itself is deceptively large with rooms downstairs including a lovely VIP room and larger training room. The girls can also apply strip lases and make-up in the shop area upstairs so it's great for a night out or if you're heading to a city festival like Lovebox this weekend. It all looks lovely and shiny and new and the staff are all extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The location is very handy for anyone who works cantrally or loves to hit Topshop in Oxford Circus on a regular basis.

The strip lashes they sell are great, especially the amazing paper lashes from Paperself. I was lucky enough to get some in my goodie bag – I’ll be trying those out soon. Although they look so delicate I’m worried I will tear them in half before I even manage to attached them.You can also buy them online at the Lash Perfect website so it doesn't matter if you don't live in London.

If you are interested in trying semi-permanent lashes I cannot stress how imporant it is to go to someone well trained and experienced. That doesn't mean you can't get a good deal though. For a limited time Perfect Lash are offering a full set of lash extensions for £80  instead of £150. I’ve only got the corners of my lashes done and people have already commented on how good they look, so imagine how amazing a full set would be! I’ll definitely be going back for more lash and brow action soon.

Lash Perfect Lash Bar
35 Marshall Street
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